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Works of NQAT

Our final goal is  No. 1partner of QA in aerospace industry.

In the 21st century, humankind will realize the biggest dream to the aerospace. This area "Chubu area" is receiving enthusiastic attention as the center of aerospace industries. We (NQAT) started our business 28 years ago, and has been growing up as a team of QA Specialist for aerospace. Mainly we are supporting MHI, leading company of aerospace in Japan, through inspection and QA activities for a long time. Slogan "Improvement of inspection skill comes from training" is our basic policy. We are now moving ahead step by step to the infinite possibility in the future.

Works of NQAT in Manufacturing
Detail of NQAT Works
Receiving Inspection
To assure the quality of parts, raw materials, bonding/plating materials at the stage of receiving inspection.
Calibration/Tool Inspection
Calibration/Tool Inspection
To assure the accuracy for measuring equipment (dimension, pressure and temperature etc.)
Tool Inspection
To assure tools and jigs used for production initially and periodically.
Parts Inspection
Process Inspection
Process Inspection
To assure the special process such as heat treatment, welding and plating through inspection.
To assure the parts though NDI (UT,XT,PT) without destruction.
Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
To assure the parts through CMM, surface & configuration analyzer etc.
Assembly Inspection
To assure the assembly for airframe and aero engine.
Shipping Inspection
To assure the shipping products through receiving quality data review during production and confirmation of parts identification.