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Concept of Quality Assurance

To inspire spirit into the products by means of enhancing the safety and reliability of the products

Various Management are required in QA of aerospace products. The ease, the safety and the reliability of the products are acquired by compliance with these requirements.
We (NQAT) validate the compliance by means of many sorts of inspection and inspire spirit into the products. This is our final goal of QA.

What`s QA?

Very strict requirement of safety and reliability are applied on aircraft
because of protecting the human life of passengers. Therefore quality
assurance activities are conducted in the following concept.

What`s wanted in aircraft Points of QA We (NQAT) are focusing as-build quality during manufacturing
Nadcap Certification
Nadcap Certification

To assure the integrity of aircraft parts (composite materials, metallic materials), NDT methods are applied to detect imperfection inside of materials.
→ UT and XT can detect imperfection without destruction.

In the aircraft industry we can demonstrate the ability to assure the special process (including NDT) through acquiring Nadcap certification.

Everybody in the world can access this information through e-Audit net in WEB site.

Certification of JIS Q 9100
What`s JIS Q 9100

JIS Q 9100 "Quality Management Systems Requirement for aviation, space and defense organization" defines requirement that aerospace company shall establish the quality management system to control development up to production and delivery under quality first concept.

In 1990's ISO 9000 series covers not only manufacturing but also financial service business, construction business and carrier business etc. Special QA requirement for aerospace industry were added in JIS Q 9100.

Reasons why NQAT acquired JIS Q 9100 certification

ISO 9002 certification on July 2000 was followed by JIS Q 9100 on July 2003.
Reason why NQAT acquired JIS Q 9100 is the requirement from customer, but....

Reason 1
JIS Q 9100 is the highest requirement for safety, reliability and airworthiness
Reason 2
In the step of activities for this certification, our employee can improve their skill and we can establish the system of continuous improvement

That's why we acquired certification

JIS Q 9100

Scope of certification :

Inspection (receiving, shipping, parts, assembly, NDI,
process control test and calibration)applied in the
manufacturing process of aircrafts, space rockets, missiles and aero engines.

Effect of JIS Q 9100 Certification

NQAT established culture of self-evaluation and voluntary improvement

By means of third party audit, NQAT can strictly evaluate our level and take corrective action in a spontaneous way.
Before the third party audit, self-audit was effectively done.
NQAT loves the saying "Continuous effort makes power". Our quality mind can be brushed up by following PDCA cycle.