Corporate Information



Nowadays in Chubu district, the topics of aerospace products is getting heated. MRJ whose first flight was successfully done last year, receives broad attention all over Japan and the world.
Furthermore aircraft and aero engine manufacturers in Chubu district are participating joint program with international huge company such as Boeing and RR and delivering many products to the world through these customers. Our circumstances surrounding is hopeful and encouraging. I feel great pleasure in engaged in QA of aerospace production in this opportunity.

We (NQAT) built a trusted partnership with aircraft and aero engine manufacturer such as MHI in the field of inspection and QA since company establishment.
Our popular name is HINSHOKEN. HINSHO means "Quality Assurance" and KEN means "Polish". Therefore HINSHOKEN means following.
///All employee make effort to polish their skill and fulfill their inspection task with their polished wisdom, experience and sensibility.
All of gathering people in our company love aircraft and do their task eagerly and with big dream.///

In 2014 as an 25th anniversary memorial project, we constructed headquarters building. As a result of this we could create a platform for further growth to continue our business for next 25 years and 50 years. In this opportunity I like to say that we contribute to the further development of aerospace industry with the best of our ability.

April 1, 2016 President Haruhisa Yamamoto