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Company Principle & Personal Principle

Company Principle
  • We contribute to peace and development of home and society through inspiring spirit into products.
  • Trust is absolutely imperative. Be sensitive and make effort to improve skill and service.
  • We innovate ourselves courageously and do our best with honesty.
Personal Principle
  • Be respectful and bright to others
  • Communicate with courtesy and modesty
  • Discuss actively with technical mind
  • Do everything positively and quickly
  • Do willingly what people do not want to do


From what idea was our Symbol Mark created?

From what idea was our Symbol Mark created?

We (NQAT) define our symbol mark as shown here. Our symbol mark represents our company feature itself. Our mission is the last checker or bastion of quality. To complete this, honesty, delicate sense and responsibility is inevitable. Symbol mark is constructed from 3 letter Q A T (Quality Assurance Technology which is a part of company name), and sharp edge upward shows polishing our sense and rising energy. Our mission as a QA specialist is to have a high level target and to improve ourselves.