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creating a society where people can live with peace of mind Timely response to quality improvement required by society

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that creates a comfortable working environment for everyone who provides rewarding work


 Our company, which was established in December 1988, started inspection of aircraft parts and aero engine parts at a major heavy industry manufacturer in 1989, and has been in charge of inspection, quality control and quality assurance for over 33 years. Since then, we have been growing as a company specializing in quality assurance activities. 
 In 2018, we opened the Komaki Measurement Center, introduced equipment such as  Coordinate Measuring Machines, and started precision measuring and CMM programming.
 Furthermore, in July 2019 we succeeded the business of the TF Management Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1999, is a pioneer in consulting for Aerospace Quality Management Systems such as AS/EN/JIS Q 9100. We have been supporting the construction of quality management systems for aerospace companies for over 22 years.

 The founder’s desire to sharpen technology is incorporated into the “KEN” of our company name, and we have been focusing on employees‘ education and training since our founding.
 Based on these achievements, skillful and experienced inspectors and knowledgeable and experienced consultants will improve the quality of aerospace companies based in Aichi Prefecture, which is a center of the aerospace industry in Japan.

 We will continue to contribute to the development of the aerospace industries and the future of Japan with “Quality”.

 We look forward to your continued support.

June 2022


We have established the corporate philosophy of the Institute of Quality and Technology in the form of a company motto, and have clarified the company’s goals, policies, and attitudes toward work.

This is an action guideline as an employee of the Institute of Quality and Innovation.


We, Nagoya Quality Assurance Technology Co.,Ltd., define the symbol mark as shown on the left.

The symbol mark is a representative design that simply expresses the characteristics of our company.

To date, we have played the role of “inspection” and “quality assurance”, which are the last bastions at the manufacturing site, based on the aerospace industry.
Its role is a great responsibility that integrates “honesty, precision, and responsibility.”

The symbol mark expresses the “QAT” of our company name “Quality Assurance Technology”, and at the same time, it is an acute-angled design that goes upward, and the meaning of “Ken” that makes us our company is included.

It is our mission as a group of quality assurance specialists to set high goals and strive to improve our technology.